16 December 2014

Destroyed is the only word to describe this piece of shit when this session was done. It was Harley Ace's first time in HELL!, although you have likely seen her before. She boldly stated she is a masochist with pretty much no limits. Those are bold words for any cunt, but especially one on her way to HELL! Five minutes into her first session, she was on the floor nearly passed out. But that is not the destruction we are talking about. While the bitch was tortured, including hooks through her whore nipples, a caning beginning on the bottom of her tits (a member request) and being forced to stand in a cruel, painful stress position; it was her utter humiliation and degradation that truly destroyed her. She admits that she is a whore and doesn't even know how many people she has fucked. This is absolutely the most intense, cruel and punishing debut in HELL! ever. Harley Ace is truly and utterly destroyed.

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